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10 most popular blog posts in 2014: Part 2

© Photodisc / Getty Images2014 was another busy year on Macmillan Dictionary Blog. With so many great posts to choose from we decided to break from tradition and give you not one but two top tens to enjoy. In the previous post we shared the most popular Learn English posts from 2014. This time we’re giving you another chance to read the 10 most popular Love English posts, including two from our new Real Grammar series, as well as several from regular blogger Stan Carey. So here are the ten Love English posts which caught your attention most in the last 12 months:

Our most popular Love English blog posts in 2014

“Real Grammar” – accept no substitutes!
by Michael Rundell

Apostophe do’s, dos and don’ts
by Stan Carey

Who’s the boss of English?
by Stan Carey

Get your gas mask on – toot sweet!
by Michael Rundell

How many ‘alternatives’ can there be?
by Stan Carey

The ’emphatic’ use of quotation marks
by Stan Carey

Are you -ish, -ic, -ese or -ian? (Or none of these?)
by Adam Kilgariff

Why heed the language cranks?
by Stan Carey

Keeping it real with Real Grammar
by Michael Rundell

What kinda people say “could of”?
by Jonathan Marks

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