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10 most popular posts in 2011

Continuing the tradition established over the last couple of years, we are bringing you a list of blog posts published over here on the Macmillan Dictionary Blog which have been read and commented on most widely.

Many of the selected 10 plus 2 additional posts still have ongoing conversations – have a read and join in by commenting.

So roll out the red carpet … Here they come: the most popular posts in 2011.

Our most popular blog posts in 2011

Perhaps not surprisingly, the ‘What’s Your English?’ 2011 campaign-starting blog post was the most popular: Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011 … and round 2!
The post includes a video (with script) of a rap battle between Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman and British emcee Professor Elemental.

Halfway through the year, the most talked about green BuzzWords also proved popular with readers. What were they? Well, here they are: Top 20 green buzzwords in English

In the second round of our world tour of Englishes in 2011, the topic of ‘small talk’ was one that stirred up most interest and discussion, particularly these posts by various guest bloggers:

Top of the morning to yourself
by Stan Carey

Is small talk different in the US and UK? Yes!
by Vicki Hollett

Accidental drifting – small talk in the UK
by Lynne Murphy

Small talk is no small matter
by Stan Carey

Business English, subcultural English, gender and class English were also much talked about:

The bottom line on trickle-down
by Janet Gough

Walking the talk – part one
by John Allison

Street slang – the dodgy-looking geezer
by Dan Clayton

Getting cute about gender
by Stan Carey

What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dictionary like this?
by Michael Rundell

Talking like common people
by Dan Clayton

Most popular posts in 2009 and 2010

To see what our readers found interesting to read and comment on in previous years, see these links:
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