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10 most popular posts in 2012

It’s been another vintage year here on Macmillan Dictionary Blog, and as tradition dictates, at the end of December, we take a look back through the year’s extensive archive and bring you the 10 most popular blogs posts published in 2012. A quick look through the list shows how varied the content of these posts is: from spelling, grammar and style, through pragmatics to language teaching and dictionary publishing – there’s something for everyone here! Have a look through and join in by commenting.

Our most popular blog posts in 2012

Rather interesting
by Orin Hargraves

Is linguistic inflation insanely awesome?
by Stay Carey

Five Rules of Thumb for Polite and Diplomatic Language
by Luke Thompson

Stop the presses – the end of the printed dictionary
by Michael Rundell

A clutter of commas
by Stan Carey

Teaching English through newspapers
by Roberta Facchinetti

Why use English when French says it better? An introduction to Pragmatics
by Michael Rundell

Apologies are being expressed – or are they?
by Stan Carey

Saying ‘sorry’ – and showing that you mean it
by Simon Williams and Jules Winchester

“This parrot is no more”. When is a synonym not a synonym?
by Michael Rundell

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