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  • Ah yes England may be small in size but, when it comes to treats, we’re right there with our gigantine cousin America.

    What I’d really like is one of those energy bars in a super size.

    ‘Power Bar-now with extra power!’


  • Dear Beth Penfold,

    Your Blog post exceeds in creative writing more than the “very clever use of language by confectionery.” It sounds so delicious as a “Twix”.
    We also recommend Kerry Maxwell’s article “Supersizing the lexicon…”
    Many Thanks to you all.

  • A while ago, confectionery products such as Mars, Snickers etc started being sold in mini-versions called “Fun Size”, if I remember right – but sold in bags of multiples, rather than as individual tiny bars. Great for the waistline if customers share, and find that “one is fun”, but I doubt if that’s what happens. However, it’s interesting that the company opted for a name for the product that didn’t directly refer to the smaller size (unlike the supersized ‘bar-and-a-half’, ‘chunky’ etc), unless “fun” as an adjective is intended to suggest something trivial and ‘light’ rather than substantial and weighty.