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A formal agreement between countries or groups.

When used as a noun, accord refers to an official arrangement whereby countries or groups reach an agreement in which all involved parties conform and consent to a shared goal or aspiration. An accord represents a concurrence of opinions and shared motivations, with each group working toward the same outcome. An example of this would be a peace accord, whereby participating countries might agree to put an end to an international conflict or disagreement.

President of the United States Donald Trump has recently confirmed the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement, an international accord dedicated to reducing the impact of climate change. The Paris Climate Deal was established in 2015 with participating countries from the United Nations aligning efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the rise in temperature across the world while promoting global security. Trump’s withdrawal from the accord would not come into effect until 2019 at the earliest, but would mean that the United States would not have to follow targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions emitted by human activity through business and industry on American soil in accordance with other countries in the agreement. The US will join Nicaragua and Syria as the only countries not party to the deal.


a formal agreement between countries or groups
peace/economic/trade/nuclear accord: A peace accord was signed by both leaders.
accord between: the latest in a series of accords between the South African government and the trade union movement

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