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  • Shocking Sarah, though your watching of NCIS because Abby’s so cool, does salvage things a bit.

    Sadly though, I got BOLO and LEO mainly from NCIS. GSR and AFIS also come up there too, and the ‘mass. spec.’ is Abby’s favourite piece of kit – she calls it ‘Major Mass Spec’ – http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0020059/bio

    Oh dear, I really need to get out more…

  • Morning all. On the radio this morning, Sarah Montague had to ask an interviewee from Manchester what a CBM was. Turns out to be a Community Beat Manager. Bet they don’t have those in CSI Miami Vice…

  • My question is this: exactly which one of those words did your friend use in the ‘non-cop show context’? I’ve been through them all, and can’t quite imagine … ‘GSR’ and ‘donor’, in particular, left me wondering just what sort of peeps you hang out with. In the end I decided I’d put my money on BOLO. Am I right?

  • Spot on Laine, it was, indeed, BOLO – she said she was going to put a BOLO out for someone we hadn’t seen in a while! (We try not to talk about ‘donors’ if we can help it!)

    George – thanks for your comment. I’m thinking that if there was a Community Beat Manager on ‘CSI Miami Vice’, s/he would probably be playing the drums…!