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Anti-tech lexicon

Check out this witty piece from the BBC about the anti-tech words developing as a wry backlash to all the technical/IT ones currently entering the lexicon. A similarly entertaining experience can be had in the Macmillan Open Dictionary. We already have a good number of technological terms and slang, both ironic and factual. I especially love attachmeant, cyberslacking and textraction. The opportunities for creating new words in the area of technology are as fluid and fertile as the subject itself and it feels easy for any of us to have a try. I had a bash at coining my own term, techfruit, in a previous blog, and I’ve just invented a new 21st century ‘illness’, DDA digital delay anxiety – where a download or log-on takes ages, or the internet keeps dropping out. The most obvious symptoms are: rocking back and forth and involuntary exclamations such as ‘oh come ON, for PITY’S SAKE!!!!!’. Tee hee, this is great fun. Why not have a go at inventing your own techie term?

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Beth Penfold


  • So that’s the word! I’ve been suffering DDA attacks almost every day and I didn´t know it!
    I’m too impatient.

    I can think of a new one for your collection: CHLA=Chain Letter (or Mail) Aversion

  • I wish I could have an updated lexicon of at least the most common new terms that keep cropping up. Help!!!

  • Ha ha! Glad to have enlightened you Richard and so agree with your CHLA idea. Great thought about an updated lexicon – I’ll have a think about how we might do something like that in the future.

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