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1. not experiencing romantic attraction
2. someone who does not experience romantic attraction

Origin and usage

The word aromantic is formed by the Greek prefix ‘a-‘ meaning ‘without, not’ and the French noun ‘romant’ meaning ‘a romance’ and the related adjective ‘romantique’.


Aromantic is a word of two forms. When used as an adjective, it describes a person who does not experience feelings of romantic attraction to others. As a noun, aromantic refers to the person who lacks these feelings (‘He was a self-described aromantic’).

People who are aromantic are often considered cold or uncaring, but this is not necessarily the case. Aromantics can care very deeply for others, showing compassion, sensitivity, kindness and a wide range of emotions. They just do not feel a romantic attraction to another person or have a need to seek out or pursue romantic relationships.

There is another misconception about aromantics – that they simply have not found the “right person” yet and that their aromantic feelings will change once they fall in love. However, aromantics say this kind of social pressure is misguided and insist that they have no desire to find romantic love as it is portrayed in films, television and novels. Being aromantic is not an emotional deficit, they insist, just a different way of interacting with others.

Aromantic people can still find love and friendship. Many get married and have families, while others choose to remain single and romantically unattached. According to aromantics, their lives do not suffer for lack of romantic relationships. In fact, many aromantics report that their lives are fuller and happier because they have discovered a way to be honest with themselves about relationships. They develop close bonds with friends, family members and even pets.

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