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  • Brazinglish borrowings

    Posted by on February 15, 2010

    Denilso de Lima, ELT author, teacher trainer and conference speaker in Brazil treats us to another guest post on the topic of Brazil English. You can visit Denilso’s blog Inglês na Ponta da Língua. ______________ I read Jussara’s post on Brazinglish and had to write a bit further about some other interesting and curious ways […]

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  • It's Carnaval! Time for a bit of rebolation

    Posted by on February 09, 2010

    Our Brazil English month continues with another guest post, this time by Denilso de Lima,  ELT author, teacher trainer, conference speaker and member of the blogosphere. Denilso prepares us for Carnaval by introducing some creative word formation processes in Brazinglish. ________ Here in Brazil, I have heard lots of common mistakes Brazilian learners make when […]

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