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  • Local look-ups: Russia

    Posted by on August 15, 2011

    Our brief dip into local searches now focuses on Russia – and moves into the realms of idiom, phrasal verbs, and set expressions. Idioms are always a popular choice with language learners, with students often wanting to draw direct comparisons between the English expressions and phrases in their own language. The top search term over […]

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  • Local look-ups: India

    Posted by on August 08, 2011

    So, moving on from Germany to India this week. I took a look at the top 5 most sought-after words from India in the last week, and was mildly surprised to see that a couple of them were, in fact, Indian English. The word prepone is not commonly used in English outside India, but I […]

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  • Local look-ups

    Posted by on August 01, 2011

    I thought it might be interesting to give this post a more local flavour over the next few weeks, and explore which words are causing grief at a local level. So let’s kick off with Germany. Thanks to our partnership with the giant bilingual dictionary Leo, a lot of users come through to us for […]

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  • Popular look-ups

    Posted by on July 25, 2011

    It’s been a while since the last microblog posting, but then summer is here, and, yes, there has been a bit of a wind-down feeling of late. Anyway – a quick summary of some popular words looked up in Macmillan Dictionary last week. Mis-spellings of ‘Macmillan’ are still very common (I know, it’s a toughie), […]

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  • #followfriday anyone?

    Posted by on September 07, 2009

    Or perhaps #teachertuesday? Or even #be_nice_wednesday? Does anyone know what on earth I’m on about? I’ll be honest, I’m struggling. But slowly, gradually …, I think I’m getting there. Whilst spending an inordinate amount of time on Twitter the other evening, I have to admit to bamboozling my poor fiancée. For those of us that […]

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  • New media – friend or foe for the English language?

    Posted by on March 28, 2009

    In the beginning there was the letter. Handwritten, focused, thought-provoking and sincere. Sentences would be considered, structured, and formulated in a way that could evoke any number of feelings and emotions, and it was the sort of piece that, when you finished writing, you felt content with the product in front of you: happy to […]

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