Blogs we like

On this page you will find a list of blogs and websites we like and regularly visit. They are listed under the three main categories of learn English, live English and love English so you can find the most relevant and interesting ones more easily.

learn English

The blogs and websites in this list cover English language teaching and learning as well as useful tips for learners for improving their English vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and writing skills.

live English

These blogs and websites are written by and for people whose use the English language in their professional lives.

love English

This list includes websites and blogs which are written (mostly) about language and (mostly) by and for language lovers.

How can I get my blog linked here?

The best way to get your blog noticed is by letting us get to know you through your comments on our posts.

May I submit a guest post?

Certainly! We are very happy to consider guest posts. Please contact us here. Guest posts should, of course, be relevant for the theme of this blog (broadly, English today) and be no longer than 700 words.