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  • Agreed. In fact, I currently forego the “luxury” of a fully functioning door in favour of three, 4ft high piles of books behind it, and am sticking out the cold without heating in my living room as the storage heater makes for such a handy bookshelf!

    Someone should really invent furniture with built in shelving for excess novels. Sofas with drawers built into the base, for example, and coffee tables whose undersides incorporate handy pull-out book spaces. I’d invest!

  • I can think of many luxuries I would give up before books. And piles of them can be so useful – a gym providing exercise opportunities daily – just climbing the stacks; great winter insulation when placed near doors and windows and they are the cheapest way to travel – you need only open a book from the stack to find yourself in a new novel destination surrounded by interesting characters.

  • Oho! Someone needs to consult a dictionary for the difference between ‘forego’ and ‘forgo’. Well, if you can’t be pedantic on a dictionary’s blog, where can you?