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Business tips & techniques: infographic

The international language of business

Last week Paul Emmerson suggested you use a cartoon to get discussion going in your Business English classroom. This week, the trigger for lively conversation is a relatively new form of visualisation: an infographic.

This infographic, based on a survey carried out in 5 countries in 2010, shows how, i.e. through what channels, people communicate in business around the world.

An obvious way to use the infographic to kick off discussion is by comparing students’ own experiences (or countries) with the different channels (social media, video chat, face-to-face meetings) represented in the infographic for the 5 selected countries.

As a follow-up activity, you can go on to discuss the pros and cons of each channel and what problems might employers and/or employees encounter when communicating through these channels.

For a discussion of the survey, see this blog.
For key findings of the survey, which you might want to bring to your class too, see this website.

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