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New BuzzWord: pwnd

www.wordle.netPwnd is the new BuzzWord this week on Macmillan Dictionary Online and is an internet phenomenon originally centred on the world of gaming, but broadened out to encompass most humorous situations which involve someone winning and, more importantly, someone conspicuously losing.

Parents today have it hard. They grew up being beaten by kindly but quietly determined older relatives when playing traditional games like chess and Monopoly at Christmas, defeats which sometimes took the shine off the presents a bit. But now they may find themselves under threat from the opposite direction when wishing to engage in some similar ‘character-building’ with their descendants. Children, ordinarily such sweet, loving and conquerable creatures, might unleash some serious pwnage on adults at Wii Tennis, or any number of games on other consoles. And the younger the pwner, the more pwned the pwned. Parents beware.

My favourite pwned picture is this one, followed by this one and this one. There’s something about cats pwning dogs and upsetting the natural order that internet geeks especially find funny.

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