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Not extreme in your political beliefs

Are the French embarking on another revolution? It is looking extremely likely. No storming of the Bastille or the use of the guillotine this time around but major political change is definitely in the French air.

The presidential election in France is in full swing with the first round of voting having seen off the candidates of the traditional ruling parties that many voters now consider an unacceptable political elite.

The ‘centrist’ Emmanuel Macron and the leader of the far-right in France, Marine Le Pen, destroyed the opposing candidates in the first round of the campaign. The polls indicate that after the runoff on May 7th Macron will be taking up residence in the Élysée Palace. His ‘centrist’ views do seem more acceptable to the French voters than Le Pen’s right-wing policies.

Could this change in France affect the Brexit negotiations? Well, the National Front’s Le Pen is pro Brexit: she would also like France to leave the EU, while Macron is a staunch EU supporter. He believes the EU should punish the UK for detaching itself from the control of Brussels. If elected, Macron could make life more difficult for Theresa May than it is already.

Vive la France!


not extreme in your political beliefs

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