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Christmas quiz – answer time!

Thanks to all of you who had a go at our Christmas quiz – we hope you enjoyed it!

Here, as promised are the correct definitions for each new word. How did you do? Let us know your scores, and your thoughts about the quiz in the Comments section.

New word: snowclone

(SNOWclone) A type of phrase that has a standard pattern in which some of the words can be changed, such as X is the new Y.

New word: cenote

(siNOtay) A deep hole under the ground that contains water, especially in southern Mexico and Central America.

New word: monocity

(MONOcity) a city, especially in Russia, where most of the population works in one industry, such as making cars.

New word: garbageware

(GARBAGEware) [Computing] Computer software of very low quality.

New word: graphene

(GRAfene) [Chemistry] A material that consists of a layer of carbon atoms that is only one atom thick.

New word: linkback

(LINKback) [Computing] a mention on a website of another website or article that also provides an electronic link to that website or article.

New word: prepend

(PreePEND) To add something to the beginning of something else, especially a computer instruction or piece of data.

New word: spudger

(SPUjer) A tool used for opening the case of a computer, mobile phone, etc and moving or removing small parts such as wires or SIM cards.

New word: trending

(TRENDing) Very popular as a subject discussed on the microblogging service Twitter.

New word: hypermiling

(HYPERmiling) The act of driving using methods that are intended to use fuel in the most efficient way, without wasting any.

New word: electrosmog

(eLECtrosmog) the electromagnetic radiation from computers and mobile phones, that some people think is harmful to health.

New word: the dark net

(the DARK net) [Computing] A computer network that only a small number of people have the right to use and that is mainly used for sharing computer files, often illegally.

New word: troofer

(TROOFer) A person who does not believe the generally accepted explanation of a particular event and believes that they know the true facts about what happened.

New word: drawdown

(DRAWdown) The removal of some soldiers from an area where there has been fighting.

New word: nondom

(NONdom) a person who lives in a country but is not legally domiciled there, often so they can avoid paying tax in their own country.

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