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Competition time!

Last year we brought you The 21st Century Flux and, for teachers, we provided accompanying worksheets for use in class. The worksheets helped students get to grips with advanced-level content and to make the most of the many ideas and issues Dizraeli addressed in his flowetry. So that was last year …

This year we asked Baba Brinkman (a Canuck) and Professor Elemental (a Brit) to produce a satirical rap-battle on the theme of stereotyped Canadian English versus stereotyped British English. The result was this ‘What’s your English?‘ video, with a script provided further down on the same page. So, this year we are offering three of our readers (you’ll probably be a teacher but you may just enjoy dabbling in education when there’s gifts involved) the opportunity to win a £50 Amazon gift voucher for creating a top-notch worksheet to accompany the video. We’ll publish all three worksheets on the blog for use by teachers and students everywhere. I’ll bullet-point the rest of the details/requirements:

Provide teacher’s notes to go with the worksheet.
State the level of English required.
State the amount of time a teacher can expect to spend on it.
Deadline for entries is Friday July 1st 2011. [Please note:  this competition is now closed. Thanks for all the wonderful entries. We’ll have the best ones available for you soon.]
Send the worksheet and teacher’s notes to us at this address.

It might be helpful to take a look at the worksheets for The 21st Century Flux by James Keddie.

We look forward to your entries!

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