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  • I’m not sure how it is used, but it seems to me that the implication of “cuck” in political terms is that the person is being fooled, that their advocacy and support is being made use of to advance someone else’s interests – to hatch someone else’s eggs – quite possibly to their own disadvantage – their own eggs being chucked aside.

    On another point, the reason “cuckold” is more of an insult than “cuckquean” is surely a different sexist presumption – that a husband ought to be able to control his wife and if he can’t, he’s weak.

  • Wondering if calling mama cats “queens” comes from “quean” in the neutral sense of being female.

  • I came here accidentally, looking for something else, but I found this extremely informative. I love learning about the source of a modern word and seeing how the terms went in various directions, changing to mean different things. Thank you for this article!

  • Thanks Stan for a very informative article. I feel etymologically inspired! I was a bit puzzled, though, by the first explanation of the meaning occurring in the cuckquean paragraph. Hey ho!