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A difference between things.

A disparity between two seemingly equivalent things is an absence of equality or similarity between them. When there is disparity, the lack of balance leads to a noticeable difference between two elements which might otherwise appear to correspond.

The existence of disparity often leads to discussions of fairness, or the absence of it. The ratio of female-to-male annual earnings and the disparity between them has been seen as an indicator of social inequality and even discrimination between genders. Similar conclusions have been drawn from the economic disparity between ethnic groups.

The recent release of the salaries of the BBC’s highest paid employees has fuelled debate and criticism of the income disparity between the broadcasting company’s personnel. The gender pay gap at the BBC was laid bare as male employees such as Chris Evans and Gary Lineker were revealed to be earning sums amounting to millions of pounds, while the incomes of female employees in similar roles were considerably lower.


a difference between things
disparity in: There is still a disparity in salaries among people doing the same job.

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