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For the eleventh word of Christmas
my true love gave to me …

Eleven dumbphones ringing
Ten memes a-spreading
Nine nonliners surfing
Eight followers following
Seven days of glamping
Six pairs of jeggings
An oilpocalypse
Four spot-fixing scandals
Three election worms
Two pineberries
And an earsplitting vuvuzela

There was a time when mobile phones were just phones. However, in a world dominated by mobile communication and the technology surrounding it, we have seen the evolution of the smartphone, giving us e-mail, Internet access, in fact a hand-held computer which happens to make phone calls. But for those of us still content to use a phone for actually speaking to people or sending the odd text message, there remains the good old dumbphone.

If you can’t wait for tomorrow’s word, take a look at the full BuzzWord article.

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