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Friction is the resistance created when an object or surface moves over another. It also means animosity or conflict caused when opinions or wills clash.

The EU’s Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, spoke this morning at the start of a meeting of the European economic and social committee. He stated that friction-free trade with the EU would be impossible if the UK leaves the single market. He went on to state that British politicians do not seem to have a full understanding of the implications of leaving the European Union.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, her Brexit Secretary David Davis and the UK Chancellor Philip Hammond are on record as wanting to retain a customs arrangement with the EU after leaving the single market to achieve “frictionless” borders.


friction between: There is some friction between the various departments.
friction with: The decision is likely to lead to friction with neighbouring countries.

2 [UNCOUNTABLE] the fact that one thing rubs against another
He had burn marks from the friction of the ropes on his skin.

a. SCIENCE the physical force that makes it difficult for one surface to move over another

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