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  • However you look at the way the Indian people speak in their own country, or indeed in their adopted country, you need to understand that they have not “grown with the times”. Their English is from Colonial times and has remained, almost untouched, since then. The age of the internet has changed their style some what but not completely. Because, as a response to a question such as: why don’t you finish your broccholi? is not modern at all. I used to say this some 60 years ago and I am British. I seem to remember a funny “book” the Indian English – English Indian English Dictionary it could be quite funny sometimes to check out what you were saying to the people and vis-versa.

  • I really enjoyed the post.I have some experience talking to Indians inEnglish and had hard time understanding them.After the Indian english month I will understand more.I also would like to add that some Indians speak very fast and it gives me more troubles understand ing them.

  • As a teacher of spoken English in India, I often note with amusement the surprise on the faces of my students when told that what is generally expected as English by their generation would be a foreign tongue to a speaker outside the subcontinent or indeed the country, as confirmend by Alla Sobirova.in her post. They are keen to be understood by their international customers, colleagues and associates, and the awareness session on Hinglish always makes for a lot of eye openers. But how much unlearning of HInglish and learning of English happens is a matter of conjecture for me. Though English school likes mine create awareness, their overall impact is miniscule in the larger picture. Hinglish or Indian English is growing richer and finding firmer grounds all the time.