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  • It’s astonishing how persistent the ‘programme’ spelling is in the UK when referring to computer programs. I saw one this weekend in – of all places – the Observer’s ‘Tech Monthly’ supplement, in an article by one of their top tech. writers. She definitely wouldn’t have written ‘programmes’, but that’s how it came out in the paper. Hard to believe a sub-editor wouldn’t know the ‘right’ spelling, so maybe this is just something their system does automatically?

  • The words are spelled differently in the two systems. And that’s the way these systems are different. The problem comes when spell check in MS word underscores the words in red and nearly forces us to review even when we desire to follow the UK system. There is a constant pressure to change ways !

  • Michael: A broadsheet tech supplement would seem like one of the less likely places you’d see that mistake, but there are several ways it could have arisen; for example, maybe it appeared via autocorrect and then went unnoticed, or maybe it was subbed by a trainee or inattentive or tired editor. But I’m just guessing.

    Dilip: Indeed. MS Word’s spell check function is not to be relied on, unless the user goes to considerable trouble customising it. And even then, vigilance remains necessary.