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Haiku competition

Our trip around the world in 80 Englishes continues and March is Japanese English month. So we’re all about spring and poetry!

We have a haiku competition going and the winning haiku will be given pride of place on the home page!

Your haiku should answer the question: ‘What’s your English?’ and will be posted here on the blog.To brush up on your haiku-writing skills, check out this link.

So grab that keyboard and send us your haiku!

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Kati Sule


  • Dear Macmillan Dictionary Team,

    I keep enjoying & recommending this website to many colleagues. Not only in my homeland but also overseas.
    I was very pleased to send my Haiku via Twitter.
    Enjoy the competition!
    Best wishes,

  • It’s always fun to run a haiku competition.

    My website gives a useful introductory overview of haiku which is highly praised by both Japanese as well as British and American writers of haiku.

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words

    another hot day
    a leaking water pipe stopped
    by the jackdaw’s beak

    Alan Summers
    Award credits: Honourable Mention, 14th Mainichi Haiku Contest (2010)

    magnolia moon 
    Fukushima needs petals 
    for everyone’s heart

    Alan Summers


    Japanese trans. Hidenori Hiruta (Akita, Japan)

    Publications credits: Japan Aid Poster Auction, online and in Manchester art gallery (April 2011)

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