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  • If I write in a formal setting, I will use Dear Firstname Lastname for female addressees – this gets around the Ms/Mrs problem. I tend to take my clues from responses – if someone writes ‘Hi and ‘Cheers’ that’s fine, if they stick to ‘Dear and ‘Yours’ I remain in that register.

  • When sending emails to professional contacts in the UK, I always open with “Dear Ms/Mr Last Name” and sign off with a formal “Sincerely” or “Best regards”.

    When sending professional emails to contacts in the US, I use “Dear First Name” (Or “Dear All:”)and sign off with “Thank you” unless it is a casual colleague when I’ll say “Hi First Name” and sign off with “Thanks”.

    With personal emails, I will start with “Hi/Hiya First Name” or “Dear First Name” depending on the context of the email and how well I know someone. I sign off with “Love”, “Thanks”, or “Speak soon” depending on the relationship, too.

    Alternatively, I have friends I email regularly where I’ll just jump straight into the message without a greeting—as if continuing a conversation. Those are often simply signed with an ‘x’ or my first initial.

  • Always a tricky debate however I feel you can’t go wrong err on the side of being more formal when in doubt. Dear First Name Last Name when you don’t know the person works best.