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  • Stan: Very true. Maybe haiku was already 2.0 before web was even invented. ;o)

    I remember when I got married, one of my friends said it was ‘life 2.0’. Then, when I had my fist child, I moved onto ‘life 2.1’.

  • What an interesting post! I have a question, though: How do you pronounce 2.0? Two point oh? Two point zero? How about 101? One oh one? Hundred and one?

  • Judit: I think either of your pronunciations for ‘2.0’ would be fine – but maybe someone out there knows better? As for ‘101’, definitely the first one (and it’s in the dictionary so you can check (and hear) the pronunciation there).

  • I’ve heard both those pronunciations used in earnest, and also “Two dot oh.” Perhaps in part because it’s hard to standardise many seem to abbreviate to Web 2, which works for me! After all I don’t think we’re expecting sub-versions 2.1, 2.2 etc, so the decimal point is probably overkill! We’ll just charge right on to Web 3…

  • 3.0 is the semantic web. That’s when everything we know – in particular everything we know about the way we work and the way we think (mathematical formulas for our behaviour) has become completely logical and understandable to the machines we work on, enabling them to work the way we do. i.e. machine intelligence. 🙂