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  • Dear Stan,
    Excuse the delayed response, but here’s a potential libfix that hasn’t so far found a use I think: ‘Runnergate’ = a sprinting scandal, as in athletic doping or handicap fixing. There’s a nice echo here of ‘runagate’, itself a kind of blenderword or libfix.

  • Thanks for your comment, Pauntley. Delayed responses are just as valid as immediate ones! Runnergate could certainly refer to a sprinting or athletics scandal. A Google search shows that it hasn’t been used much, apart from informally and often jocularly, for example on Twitter. But I did find two news reports using the term, to describe controversies over rule infringements in Irish Gaelic football and Australian football.

  • Hello,
    I know this might be silly, but I couldn’t find any results for “langsplaining” on the web. Can you help me?

  • Hi Mariana. It’s not silly at all – the meaning of ‘langsplaining’ is not immediately obvious. It means to explain something about language in a condescending way. The langsplainer assumes that he (or she, but usually he) is an expert on language and that the person he’s talking to should welcome his unsolicited input. The word was formed by analogy with mansplaining. I hope that helps.