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  • There are a couple of “bad” words used this way. One is “tits,” which is used in America to mean something is good or cool. The Urban Dictionary has already picked up on this one too. Another is “the shits,” which means something is terrible. What I find most interesting about this one is that the singular noun (“the shit”) is a way of saying something is great. Pluralize it, and the meaning becomes the opposite. Crazy…

    Sorry I couldn’t think of any “cleaner” plural nouns being used as adjectives to add. That reflects on me, not you, you know. Trust me, this blog is tits. Er… I’ll get me coat.

  • Cobblers? Not your article – which I really like – but a plural noun used in the same way as pants, handbags and jokes.

    And maybe skills/skillz too. For example, “That blog post by Michael Rundell was skills”.

  • Thanks to both Dan and Joe. Funnily enough i spotted ‘tits’ the other day in a tweet on my son’s website (www.the2bears.co.uk) but thought i’d better keep quiet about it (too late now). Should have thought of ‘cobblers’ of course (and several synonyms, come to that). ‘Skills’ looks like a definite candidate and seems to follow the same pattern as ‘jokes’. Keep them coming!

  • Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag, Michael. I have two small children and have been consciously watching my speech, lest they turn out like their father. But I must curse somewhere! Your excellent post fit for today. I’ll keep it clean from here on out. Speaking of which, how about “tops?” Does that work as a plural noun used as an adjective? And then there’s the “bee’s knees,” which I haven’t used since flapper dresses were the “cat’s pajamas.”

  • Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. It’s clear that what i thought was a ‘new’ trend is in fact based on some well-established models – bananas, for example, has been around for a long time (one of my dictionaries has a citation from 1957). I’ll perhaps do a follow-up post on this in a week or two. Laters…

  • You also have pony which means ‘gay’ e.g. ‘have you seen John’s pink bag? It’s well pony!’