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Keeping it real

Hey, all you virtual reality geeks! Check out this amazing entertainment world that is more funky and high-res than Linden Research’s Second Life and more interactive than Microsoft Kinect. Cutting-edge features include stunning 3D graphics, enhanced UberSense technology allowing you to ‘feel’ objects and ‘smell’ odours; more detailed avatar design (you can even give yourself a tattoo, or pierce your navel!), plus animal and even insect avatars and many more realistic locations. The best thing though is the language ability in this world. Players can actually ‘speak’ in real time through their avatar and even have their own regional accents and slang. Some avatars originate from other countries and have their own versions of English. I’ve been lucky enough to trial this incredible environment and heartily recommend it to you all, as it far outstrips any language learning tool currently on the market. This game is called RL, real life – and all you need to do to access it is to open your front door and walk through it…

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