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  • It’s such a stunningly stupid idea that it could only come from an organisation as reactionary as the Queen’s English Society. Even worse than the QES’s own press release (and embarrassing interview on PM the other day) is a piece in yesterday’s Telegraph which trots out all the prescriptive myths of educational collapse, texting = work of Satan, illiterate teachers, blah blah and furthermore blah.

    The writer of Bad Linguistics has put together a good response to the Telegraph article here and we’ve collected some links and comments together here .

    Language is alive and changing: live with it!

  • Nice greetings from currently but rather exeptionally sunny Prague.
    Thanks for the novely text about the Academy of English.
    I agree with the concept of giving the native (or non-native) users of the language the freedom to decide what words and phrases to use in their speech or even writing. Centralizing the authority into an institution is usually wrong.
    Our formal country Austria collapsed and one of the contributing reasons was the language problem: Hungarians and Czech and other language minorities were not very happy to use German in all official dealings and the German speakers almost completely refused to learn at least a bit of the other tongues. This situation seems to appear in all big countries. At the moment quite strongly in Spain and to some degree in the UK.
    It is not really polite to tell other people how to speak unless they ask you to be the teacher.