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Language and words in the news – 19th March, 2016

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Global English

10 words used only in Irish English
To mark St Patrick’s Day, Stan Carey shares ten words and usages in Irish English that you mightn’t be familiar with.

Improve your English

In kilter or out of it?
Things can be “in kilter” or “out of kilter,” though they’re usually out of it.

Words, books, dictionaries and language

On National Grammar Day, stop acting like the earth is flat
Face it, the correctors of language are with us all year round. They don’t need, or deserve, their own special day.

Erin go bragh
Erin go bragh means “Ireland forever,” but the original Irish phrase was “Erin go brách” (or “go bráth”) which translates literally as “Ireland till doomsday.”


How Donald Trump answers a question
Trump’s answers consist mainly of one-syllable words, and are at a fourth grade reading level. (7 minutes)

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