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Language and words in the news – 29th November, 2013

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Global English

Honda Adopts English as Official Language in Global Meetings
The adoption of English for global company meetings is a “small, but not insignificant” change, Mendel said. It’s part of a “series of things that are being put in place to kind of provide a different context for our business,” he said.

The Turkey’s Turkey Connection
Thanksgiving is the all-American holiday. Turkey is the all-American bird. It was here long before Columbus or the Pilgrims. Early explorers reported vast flocks of turkeys nesting in the magnolia forest. Turkeys are a lot more American than apple pie. But they’re named after a country 4,429 miles away.

Language change and slang

After 40 years, John Vaughan has successfully had vexillographer listed in the dictionary
Mr Vaughan is a vexillographer, someone who studies the history of flags and designs them, with more than 5000 flags in his collection. Next year, the words vexillographer and vexillography will be added to the Macquarie Dictionary.

Improve your English

12 Mistakes Nearly Everyone Who Writes About Grammar Mistakes Makes
There are a lot of bad grammar posts in the world. These days, anyone with a blog and a bunch of pet peeves can crank out a click-bait listicle of supposed grammar errors. There’s just one problem — these articles are often full of mistakes of one sort or another themselves.

Language learning and resources

Cute cats could be key to learning new languages
It may be that the internet cat-meme craze is entering its next phase as a tool for providing more than just laughs.

Books, science, dictionaries, words and languages

Ten ‘Modern’ Words with Older Literary Connections
Now, in this new list, we consider ten words which have grown in popularity in recent years, but which have literary origins or histories stretching back many decades, and in some cases many centuries.

14 Literary Posters That Turn Famous Author’s Words Into Art
“I took snippets of text from some of my favorite authors, and let the words be a springboard for a new idea and illustration.”

1st English-language book printed in U.S. sells for $14.5M at auction
A tiny book of psalms from 1640, believed to be the first book printed in what’s now the United States, sold for just under $14.2 million on Tuesday, setting an auction record for a printed book.

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