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Language and words in the news – 30th January, 2016

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Language change and slang

Hey, Now
[This use of] hey is basically a synonym for hi– a friendly greeting. Until fairly recently, it was was confined to the American South.

Global English

Of Man Buns and Moms: New Words of 2015
It’s not quite the end of January, so I think we can allow one last Words of the Year link. Here’s a selection from

Words, books, dictionaries and language

A rabid feminist writes…
Oxford Dictionaries have come under fire for alleged sexist stereotyping in the examples of one of their dictionaries (not the Oxford English Dictionary as some reported). Here is Deborah Cameron’s take on the story.

What would the doctor prescribe?
Today sees the welcome return of The Economist‘s “Johnson” column to the print magazine. But which side would the great man have been on in the war between descriptivists and prescriptivists?

Govan dementia language project launched
A new scheme has been launched in Scotland which helps elderly and vulnerable adults battle dementia by learning foreign languages.


European etymology maps
These fascinating maps aren’t new, but I hadn’t seen them before so perhaps you haven’t either.

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