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Language tip of the week: not feeling enthusiastic

Learn English with Macmillan DictionaryIn this weekly post, we bring more useful content from the Macmillan Dictionary to English language learners. In this series of language tips to accompany the Real Vocabulary theme we look at how you can expand your vocabulary in English by using different words and expressions instead of core vocabulary items.

This set of language tips will explore different ways to talk about emotions. This week’s tip looks at ways of saying that someone does not feel enthusiastic:

unenthusiastic or not enthusiastic:
Officials are not enthusiastic about the idea. ♦ Heather was unenthusiastic about her new job. ♦ There was some scattered, unenthusiastic applause.
not keen not showing much interest in something or not liking something very much:
I’m not very keen on fish. ♦ I made him an offer but he wasn’t keen.
half-hearted done without real effort, interest or enthusiasm:
There have been a few half-hearted attempts at improvements.
your heart isn’t in it used for saying that someone does not really care about something they are doing:
She continued campaigning, but her heart wasn’t in it.
lukewarm not enthusiastic about something, especially something that someone else has suggested:
Markets are showing only lukewarm support for the economic recovery plan. ♦ Most of them seemed lukewarm about the idea.

Did you know that Macmillan Dictionary includes a full thesaurus? This page lists more ways to say ‘not feeling enthusiastic‘.

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