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Language tip of the week: tell someone about something officially or publicly

Learn English with Macmillan DictionaryIn this weekly post, we bring more useful content from the Macmillan Dictionary to English language learners. In this series of language tips to accompany the Real Vocabulary theme we look at how you can expand your vocabulary in English by using different words and expressions instead of core vocabulary items.

This week’s tip looks at words and phrases you can use instead of tell to talk about telling someone about something officially or publicly.

inform to officially tell someone something:
She informed us that she was leaving immediately. ♦ Why was I not informed of this? 
announce to give information about something, officially or publicly:
The winners of the prize draw will be announced at the end of the evening. ♦ There was a press release announcing the senator’s resignation. ♦ I am pleased to announce that profits are up for the third year running.
make an announcement:
An announcement made by the ministry seemed to contradict this.
notify to officially give someone information about something that affects them, such as a decision or change:
Winners will be notified by post. ♦ We have notified all policyholders of the changes. ♦ The outcome will be notified to all employees next week.
convey to give official information or a formal message to someone:
Please convey my good wishes to your colleagues. ♦ He conveyed his government’s decision to the authorities in Seoul. ♦ She conveyed the message that the United States still feels very strongly about this.

Did you know that Macmillan Dictionary includes a full thesaurus? This page lists more ways to say ‘inform‘.

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