Life before Harry Potter

Posted by on October 27, 2010

This blog on the Guardian books blog caught my eye, talking about the shared culture that comes from reading. I’d have to agree that the Harry Potter phenomenon has brought this into the world of the younger reader in a way that didn’t really exist when I was a child; there were books that girls read, and presumably boys’ favourites, but nothing that crossed boundaries like HP. Children’s fiction has always been a good starting point for language learners (I cut my teeth reading Spanish translations of the great boy-wizard and his cronies), and I imagine JK Rowling and Philip Pullman form part of many students’ introduction to English writing. Back in the dark days before this though, what books did you used to recommend students start out with?

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  • Life before Harry Potter | Macmillan…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

    Posted by World Wide News Flash on 27th October, 2010
  • Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and similar. (This is what I read. Wasn’t a teacher before Harry Potter.

    Posted by Fran Lo on 27th October, 2010
  • ‘Animal Farm’ was one of my favourites: short with very clear and relatively simple language.

    Posted by Kati on 27th October, 2010
  • I noticed that English speakers tend to say “blog” as a synonym for “[blog] post”, and indeed you started your piece by saying say “This BLOG on the Guardian books BLOG caught my eye”. Maybe the Macmillan Dictionary should record this new trend in the relevant entry, ?

    Posted by Paolo on 28th October, 2010
  • “Mary Poppins” by P.L.Travers. Wonderful book, not only for kids, the same with “Harry Potter”.And science -fiction.Back then , kids were reading a lot…Fantasy and adventure books.J.K.Rowling has opened again the gate to reading books.

    Posted by lidia on 28th October, 2010
  • Great to see all your comments, keep them coming!

    Posted by Sharon Creese on 28th October, 2010
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