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Long live the thesaurus!

This week’s Friday round-up post features two items about thesauri (or shall I say thesauruses? It appears I’m not alone with this kind of plural problem. Toyota is still undecided and is asking people to vote on the plural of Prius). The first bit of news this week was Thesaurus Day on 18th January, and the second a Twitter tool called Thsrs (= The Shorter Thesaurus). Macmillan Dictionary’s built-in (and completely free!) online thesaurus doesn’t abbreviate words for Twitter, but it is a truly fantastic language and teaching tool (as this page explains in more detail). If, for example, you look up synonyms for excellent, you get a short definition for each of the possible words, not just a list. And if you’d like to explore further, you only need to click on ‘more’ for a complete list with useful mini-definitions. Long live the thesaurus!

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