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  • Ah the slightly cynical colleague would be me, Sharon. And (as Stephen reminded me) there’s also a valuable ‘z’ in Kyrgyzstan. I think my theory gains even more credibility given the prominence in the news of Eyjafjallajökull (the Icelandic volcano that’s causing such havoc) – that must be worth a few points.

  • Hmm, yes Michael. Maybe not so cynical after all!

    Interesting point about that ‘z’ – seems it can be spelt either way (lots of Google results for each), though the ‘with z’ seems to be the right one. So even more points then. . .

  • Scrabble is one of the few things in which I would describe my position as conservative. The international official dictionary (SOWPODS) includes already boat loads of bizzare words. SJOE, KY, JO, etc. But the words ‘Kyrgyzstan’ and ‘Eyjafjallajökull’ won’t really enter the picture. Remember that each player has 7 tiles. You would have to find a scenario where someone played ‘tan’ and then put the previous seven letters before. Don’t forget there’s only 1 ‘z’ and 1 ‘k’….