Macmillan Dictionary – Love English Awards 2012, Best Website


  • With so much trash on the Internet, it’s with pleasure that receive World Wide Words.
    Way to go, Brit !

  • The abruptness of the written word; sinuous, sonorous language, the humour of olde english, the delight of slang, the sarcasms, the edginess and the sour cynicism of Early Authors, trek fitfully through the corpusceles of this website. Gems of newspaper grammarmangling, muddlethink and counciltellyspeak abound. Sometimes, I sigh before commencing to read but I am, by the time I reach the howlers bit at the end, muchly pleased and refreshed.

  • This is the website to cheer up the weekend. It’s packed full of interesting snippets of word fact information. Michael Quinion is the English Language Super Sleuth of the Internet. He presents us with an entertaining and informative mix of the meanings and derivations of unusual words, unusual usage, Erudite indeed, but with a light touch, and so well researched.I look forward to reading this and share it with all my friends!

  • WorldWideWords takes the lead in all such sites extolling the English Language. Its aims of elucidation and preservation are unsurpassed, and I head for it before I unrol the daily newspaper and solve the cryptic.

  • I was disappointed to see the site “howjsay” not included in the nominations. I am a native English speaker but still find it useful for the pronunciation of those words I’m not quite sure of. Maybe next year….

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed reading WWW. Whenever I open my INB I look fwd to the mail from WWW.

  • In my opinion this is the best site because in it you can find whatever you need if you are learning English. The variety of topics is enormous and the experience of the teachers is proved. And what is most, everybody is always eager to help you when you need them.

  • ESL Printables is the best website ever. Why? Simply because it embraces all the characteristics required for being chosen the best: appealing professional appearance, clear guidelines, rich varied materials, daily increase of users, international accessibility, and last but not least perfect functionality and usability.

    In a nutshell, ESL Printables made the world of teaching a global village, where time and distance are not barriers anymore. Our work is shared in every classroom by teachers and students we haven’t met in person . It’s all made possible because of ESL Printables.

    ESL Printables ROCKS!!!

    ESL Butterfly

  • Eslprintable is by far the BEST website for the teaching and learning of the English Language. It has a comprehensive collection of worksheets, power points, online activities and smartboard lessons. Best of all it is a community of teachers who love and support each other in the teaching process. I am proud to be a member and contributor of dynamic website…

  • I try VOA learning english and I think it’s better to learn english . there are a lot of videos in different subject where we can download . the activities also is interresting .

  • VOA listening English is the perfect web site for learning English by non-native English Speakers. It has helped me to learn 60% of perfect English. Still I am using it for learning 100% proficiency in English. 60% improvement is listening, speaking and writing. I might have got 2000 words vocabulary. I want to achieve 100% of listening skills. My aim is to understand the listening native speakers like USA, UK and Australia. It has taken me 6 years for achieving 60% skill. I don’t know how much more it would take for understanding the listening at 100%. I believe in this web site for reaching my goal. Thank u VOA learning

  • The has greatly helped me improve my English. I started picking up VOA English since the beginning of Iran Iraq war. Now my English has gained excellent progress thanks to VOA. The VOA staffs are much dedicated to get us convinced about American English and its growth. Now a days I pitch into VOA with extreme hunger. The VOA has a sumptous meal ready for us. So plz. don’t miss our royal feast. Thank you.

  • I have been studying English for a long time. but i has recently listened to VOA and i think it is one of the most effective English teaching website along with BBC. anyway, i love this site, thanks for all editors of this website ^O^ love you all

  • VOA special english is the best web site.It helped me to learn English easily.I love to learn english from voa.

  • Eslprintables is the best website ever created! It’s so helpful as it contains the best resources ! Personally I’ve benefited a great deal since my registration .I consider myself so lucky to be among its members.

  • I think VOA is the best website. You can learn how to write, pronounce and listen. You are also taught simple english, the kind of english one would speak during an interview and conversations you would make if you meet some people for the first time. A lot of things are taught at VOA by different teachers.

  • My listening skill would never get improved if I did not know VOA website few years back. It’s just sad that VOA website is currently blocked in Vietnam, which would prevent millions of students from approaching a standard source of leaning American English.

  • I sometimes look into VOA website esp. Special English and I sometimes download its podcast Technology, Agriculture, Explorations, etc., I use it on my Radio online program together with BBC podcast, if you want to see/hear, please go to :
    I’ d like to say : The VOA Special English site is very helpful to us to learn English and be better in English. Thanks a lot.

  • VOA is the bestest site I’ve ever used. I’m a tutor at the University and always use almost all the sections: Reports: Health, Education, Economic,etc; Words and their stories,Grammar pages, and materials for teachers and students, etc. Million thanks!!!

  • my listening get better ,when i knew voa web side, and listen every day. My english get better from day to day.I try to listen everyday.Thank for this web side .It help me a lot