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Metaphor of the day: knowledge

Metaphors for knowledge

Getting knowledge about something is like making a map of a place or like travelling there. Teaching someone is like showing them how to reach a place. For example:

  • In today’s class, I will map out the most important concepts.
  • It is an excellent guide to English vocabulary.
  • The program allows you to navigate the Web more easily.

When you have some knowledge about something, it is as if you are shining a light on it. Not having knowledge is like being in darkness, e.g.:

  • Allow me to shed/throw some light on the matter.
  • There are a couple of points that I’d like you to clear up.
  • He kept us in the dark about his plans.
  • I haven’t got the foggiest/faintest idea.

For more metaphor examples, see the word knowledge in Macmillan Dictionary.

Can you think of more examples? If so, please add them below in a comment.

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