Metaphor teaching tip of the day: weather words

Posted by on April 18, 2011

Last week we had a look at some examples of common metaphorical language in English. This week, from Monday through to Friday, the microblog feature will bring you ideas on how to teach (about) metaphor in the classroom.

Here is our first metaphor teaching tip of the week in the form of a couple of exercises:

1 Take a look (just double-click on each word and that should do it) in the Macmillan Dictionary at the literal and metaphorical meanings of the following words, and try to find the connections between them:

    cool     icy     heated     hot
    hail     flood     torrent
    to rain     to thunder

2 Try to think of some more English words connected with temperature and the weather that have metaphorical meanings.

Note: The answers to the exercises will be given at the end of this week.

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