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  • Hi, the logical next question – once we accept twenty-ten etc as the dominant pattern – is in which year it will become acceptable to refer to 2009 as twenty o nine?

  • It’s interesting you say that, because ever since really getting into thinking about the issue of dates (particularly while writing that blog), I’ve noticed that I’m tending to think ‘twenty oh nine’ or ‘twenty oh one’ instead of the ‘two thousand and nine’ and ‘two thousand and one’ that seemed so comfy before. It hadn’t even occurred to me that changing the format I used for forthcoming years would also change how I thought about previous ones!

  • another blogger – Vicki Hollett also wrote about this and you may be interested to see her take on it – particularly in the comments where she talks about the “sound” of the different options.
    it clearly is something that is in the process of change.
    Here’s the link