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Open Dictionary word of the day: gisting

gisting (noun)

looking for the main idea or most important point in a written or spoken text
Although the translations were served quickly and in all the language pairs that Google Translate offers, some of the formatting and page layout got lost. But if your purpose is gisting, this feature appears to be ideal.
(Submitted from the United Kingdom)

Search engines don’t come up with much at all when I search for this term. Gist is, of course, commonplace and to go from ‘looking for the gist’ of content seems clumsy once you get gisting into your head. It works. Except there seems to be another meaning: the activity of learning enough about a subject so as to be able to take on an expert in a (heated?) discussion.

Wordnik gives no definition for gisting but has pulled in a number of examples which seem to suggest that the word is more commonly used in this other sense. For example, “Our daily routine include attending lectures, facing one struggle or the other, fighting for the rights of students, studying, gisting with friends …”

Which sense of the word do you think should win out?

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Laine Redpath Cole


  • “Our daily routine include attending lectures, …” I apologize for the pugnacity but it is not “includes”?

  • Hi Andrea, don’t apologise, you’re absolutely right! Copying and pasting should not replace spell-checking. Noted.

  • Thank you supremely much.
    I feel myself prompted to remark one thing.
    I am really glad I could find this truly wonderful site. Throughout the course of my humble pursuits in ’knowledge browsing’ I have seldom encountered many websites that possess a functional proficiency in teaching on a level as elevated and qualitative as yours, and encountering such elements, is admittedly both pleasant and refreshing.
    I started to learn English in 2005 and still have a thirst for it – it is my passion so to speak. Whenever I saw your site momentarily in the past, I thought it is for students solely and went unnoticed by me – I craved for something more than memorizing new words and expressions. I did not know there is a blog here. But for two weeks now, essentially I frequent this site as a way of combating casual bouts of verdancy; this way trying to achieve a kind of venerable command of English, and learn more about this beautiful language.
    In the marginal chance that you do need for this, please feel free to help all of you to a round of applause (silent and imaginary though it may be) and a tip of my hat. In fact, I would even raise a glass of champagne to offer in a friendly toast, but I am afraid that the early afternoon hours here leave me only equipped with a cup of tea… For the present, that will have to suffice…
    Best Wishes.

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