Open Dictionary word of the week: bingo wings

Posted by on December 01, 2011

bingo wings (noun)

loose skin and fat which hang down from the upper arms
I think as mums we have to be aware that our body image can really affect the relationship your children have with their own body. Even the most innocuous ramblings about your wobbly bum or the bingo wings you hate can seep into their subconscious.
(Submitted from the United Kingdom)

In my family these particular bits of the upper arm – once having reached a certain level of swing – are fondly called ‘fudoobidis’. My mother-in-law tells me that my husband gained a lot of comfort from distractedly jiggling  his grandmothers ‘fudoobidis’. There is also a lot of self-soothing pleasure to be gained (apparently!) from fondling a grandparents hanging ‘gobbler’ (old double-chin). Bingo wings is a  good one. There must be other names for these arm bits … anyone? Raise your hand if you do and let that bingo wing swing!

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  • In my family we call them grandma arms, which is a direct translation of my own Catalan coinage: brassos d’àvia (we live in Barcelona).

    Posted by Valerie on 1st December, 2011
  • Oops, spelled that Catalan wrong: should be braços d’àvia. Can’t see a button to edit the post.

    Posted by Valerie on 1st December, 2011
  • I call them Bat wings, for obvious reasons 🙂

    Posted by Kirsty Pike on 2nd February, 2012
  • Oprah arms lol

    Posted by Mariah on 9th November, 2012
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