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Open Dictionary word of the week: IRL

IRL (phrase)

abbreviation for ‘in real life’
… I have several friends that are only on Google+. Interestingly, most of them are Internet friends (people I have never met IRL) …
(Submitted from the United Kingdom)

When I was young … There I said it: when I was young, ‘in real life’ meant ‘not in your dreams’. As in: He loves me in real life; I’m not imagining it! I’ve heard IRL used quite a bit by now and, wow, it freaks me out. Mostly because I have kids and I can see where it’s going: Tidy your room! I already did! But look at it, it’s an absolute mess! Oh … you mean IRL. (*sigh*, *sulk*, *whine*). But I already cleaned my second life room, that’s enough for one day. Right, you’re grounded! You mean IRL? … etc. Who’s ROFLing now?

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