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Open Dictionary word of the week: kninkles

kninkles (noun)

wrinkles which surround a knee. A blend of the words ‘knee’ and ‘wrinkles’.
Radio-frequency treatments are often used on the face to tighten slack skin and can work wonders on kninkles.
(Submitted from United Kingdom)

This word-blending business is way out of control. Fun though. Let’s just make smore (some more), stupuff (stupid stuff, stupid!) up. While on the knee, is there yet a word for the back of the knee? I’ve heard it called kneepit, but that’s just so gross, not to mention unblended. So, I’m going to take it upon myself to problem-solve this prollenge (see how I blended challenge and problem there?): let’s call it the knack. As in: Ouch, that got me right in the knack! To which one could reply: Alright, alright, keep yer jorts on!

P.S. When you smile, do you winkle?

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