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Open Dictionary word of the week: nanodrone

nanodrone (noun)

an extremely small drone (unmanned plane) that resembles an insect

Well, the robo-obsessed tweakers over at DARPA have such a program that hopes to reify an entirely brand new species of mechanical insects and nano-drones that could be used for any number of military operational purposes.

(Submitted from the United Kingdom)

Another very similar (very similar) word added to the Open Dictionary at the same time: microdrone. I was a bit surprised by the definitions because in my world the noun microdrone refers to my son when he wants a go on the iPad and it’s morning and he has to wait till ‘later’. A nanodrone is my daughter when she wants to go play at Rosie’s house and it’s not even the weekend yet. I also recommend the verb form microdroning, for when someone’s going on about something but just a little. And nanodroning, for when someone’s going on about something but you’d hardly notice because it’s such a tiny, tiny sort of droning. This, however, has nothing at all to do with very small, unmanned (perhaps teeny, tiny women-only) planes which seem to currently be fashionable in certain circles. Now, tweaker is a good word. If someone adds that to the OD, I could have a nanodrone about it next week.

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