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Open Dictionary word of the week: tweetathon

tweetathon (noun)

an extended event or campaign organised on the microblogging site Twitter. A blend of the words ‘Tweet’ and ‘marathon’.
… the Society of Authors is launching a weekly short story “tweetathon“, which it believes to be a never-before-attempted collaboration between top authors and tweeters.

(Submitted from United Kingdom)

Twitter really lends itself to being blended, doesn’t it? It’s like the ultimate blendable word. I just can’t help feeling like those of us who are using these twords (I really am getting the hang of this) are starting to sound like Tweety Bird. Since it’s ‘What’s your Online English?’ month this month, though, we’re just going to go for it with the twords. So, here are some more: twagiarism, twittercide, twestival, twetiquette … Oh! I twout I twaw a puddy …

What English words do you use that could qualify as Online English words? If they’re not already in the dictionary, you can add them!

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