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Macmillan Dictionary & social mediaAre you getting the most out of our social media pages?

Your Macmillan Dictionary Online’s Facebook and Twitter pages are there to support you if you’re learning English as a second (or third or fourth…) language; to entertain and communicate with you if you’re a Global English speaker using English as part of your business and/or social life; and to explore with you if you’re a linguist, lexicographer or logophile.

We want to make sure that you’re getting what you need from our dictionary content. So below is a summary of our social media pages and the sort of thing they offer:

For learners of English

Follow @MacLearnEnglish on Twitter and Learn English on Facebook and:

  • learn a red word every week
  • extend your vocabulary with a weekly phrase or phrasal verb explained
  • expand your vocabulary with a weekly synonym from the Macmillan Dictionary Thesaurus
  • get something extra in your social media feed, for example: an article, language tip, blog post written specially for learners
  • learn a black word every week (What’s a ‘black word’? Like our page to find out!)
  • get your Word of the Day
  • play ‘Guess the word’ and improve your understanding of words and their definitions
  • PLUS – every month we’ll be focusing on a different theme for learners and most of the social media content will centre around this theme. For example, our theme for June is colour. We’re keeping the other themes secret!

For users of Global English or English for specific purposes

Follow @MacLiveEnglish on Twitter and ‘What’s your English?’ on Facebook and:

  • share your English with other Global English users all over the world
  • find out what the most-searched word in the dictionary is every week and help us figure out why
  • get your word of the day from the Macmillan Open Dictionary – a dictionary that you have created by adding your English words from various countries and contexts
  • get a weekly alert for the latest entries in your Open Dictionary, and make something out of these words
  • get alerts for new posts on the Macmillan Dictionary Blog that are relevant to you
  • keep up to date with our Editor’s weekly round-up of language and words in the news
  • be entertained with humorous updates and other surprise Global English fun

For linguists, lexicographers and logophiles among our readers

Follow @MacDictionary on Twitter and Love English on Facebook and:

  • get content and comments around the topics of language and words in the news, language technology, and language change
  • join our Editor-in-Chief in weekly discussion points
  • subscribe to blog posts about the English language
  • get a weekly update on the latest entries in the Open Dictionary
  • play guess the word – a word game using obscure Open Dictionary entries only
  • share your language news, views and usage blues
  • get an alert when our weekly BuzzWord article is published

We look forward to seeing you in one or more of these places online!

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