Season’s greetings!

Season's Greetings 2018
Liz Potter
Written by Liz Potter

The Macmillan Dictionary team are taking a break over Christmas and the New Year so this is the last new blog post of 2020. We will be posting seasonally themed posts from previous years over the break.

Before we go, though, we wanted to let you know about our Trending Words 2020 Quiz: you can find out which words and phrases have been receiving coverage in the media this year and test your knowledge of neologisms at the same time.

Trending Words in 2020

If you’d like to try some of our other popular quizzes, you can find them on our Language quizzes page. And if your appetite for Christmassy info is not yet satisfied, you can find lots more posts by putting the word ‘Christmas’ in the blog search box and following the links.

Wishing you all a jolly holiday and a happy 2021!

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